Kit Kat Sent into Space

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A Kit Kat candy bar is sent into space in support of Felix Baumgartner’s jump.

The list of unusual items which have been sent into space continues to grow.

Recently, Nestle along with the advertising agency, JWT London decided to send a Kit Kat bar into space right before Felix Baumgartner’s journey, in which he was set to break the sound barrier by free falling from more than 128,000 feet above Earth.

On October 13th, the chocolate began ascending, rising to an altitude of 116,490 feet or 22 miles and a camera was able to catch the whole adventure.

Video footage from the project dubbed ‘The Break from Gravity’ can now be seen on Kit Kat’s social media sites.

Earlier this year, a United States election fundraising group sent a bobble head Barack Obama doll into outer space. The doll, along with a camera were attached to a balloon and set loose, eventually reaching 100,000 feet high. Before the Obama doll, a NASA shuttle miniature replica, made of Legos was tied to a helium balloon and sent to space.

What would you want to send into space?