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    RealPrompt | Converting Leads into Listings | Segment 6 | "Being in Control"

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    RealPrompt RealEstate Services Founder/CEO Jeremy Bowman interviews Agent Partner Melissa Dierks

    "It is critically important that as program representatives is that we are servant leaders. That we actually lead. We have to take control right out of the gate."

    "Who ever is asking the questions is in control."

    "I cringe when I hear agents and brokers say this, "All they wanna do is tell me their story and I don't have time.". They're the ones that are frustrated because they're not able to "convert". You cant afford not to listen if you really want to be the solution for them."
    - Jeremy Bowman

    RealPrompt Real Estate Services (Chandler, AZ) is an innovative short sale servicer that has revolutionized a FREE nation-wide program which provides real estate agents and brokers with all of the leads, tools, technology, training, assistance and short sale processing needed to help distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. Through its two main divisions Program HR 3648 and TruDocs, RealPrompt, has helped over 4,000 homeowners find alternative solutions to foreclosure. For more information, visit or call 1.800.915.1988.