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    MineCraft Home Update #16 [Automated Farms Part 1!]


    by HoboinArmy

    I know it has been a while but I hope you guys enjoy! More to come soon.

    If you were confused, this is part one of the Automated Farms project, which will take place from HU16 - HU18. I'm doing it this way in hopes that I can push out the next save file sooner so its updated to full Minecraft release.

    If you have a question or comment make sure to leave it below, I try to reply to everyone. Please remember to rate the video!

    - Automated Melon/Pumpkin Farm
    - Automated Cactus Farm
    - Storage for both!
    - Complete Hidden Wiring
    - Room For Expansion

    Playlist of all the Home Updates:

    Next Upload will be included with Home Update #18!