C7 Retro: Resident Evil (Part 16)

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This video is an unbiased "Let's Play" walkthrough of Resident Evil: Director's Cut. Developed and published by http://www.capcom.com/ it is available on the Playstation, and is available for download on the PS3 and PSP, from the Playstation Network.

Released back in 1996, Resident Evil: Director's Cut is about a SWAT-like team of police officers that are tasked with investigating mysterious attacks in the nearby mountains of Raccoon City, and the disappearance of their fellow officers. This is the Director's Cut that was released after the original run of the game and features some of the content that was censored, as well as an Arrange Mode. This mode is the same game with the puzzles rearranged. This game has been going strong since it's inception in 1996 and while the gameplay has changed considerably, we are still seeing sequels 16 years later. Resident Evil 6 will release in October of this year.

This video was produced by Dustin "Vognasty" Vogler from the Classic L337 Gaming & Electronic Podcast.

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