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    Belfast riots: Video of Irish youths attacking police vans

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    A British news agency said Wednesday that one of its photographers had suffered a leg injury during sectarian clashes in Belfast, Northern Ireland, overnight Tuesday. Hundreds of rioters threw petrol bombs and attacked police vans in east Belfast on Tuesday as sectarian violence flared up for a second night in Northern Ireland. Police said about 400 people were involved in unrest in the Short Strand, a small Catholic community in a predominantly Protestant area of east Belfast. Masked and hooded youths threw bricks, bottles, fireworks and other missiles at each other, and at armoured police vehicles. Police fired more than 60 plastic bullets at the youths. Police said the violence started Monday when masked members of the Ulster Volunteer Force, a paramilitary Protestant group that claims to have disarmed, attacked Catholic homes with bricks, fireworks and smoke bombs. Catholic leaders said the violence was unprovoked, but Protestant leaders said the Protestant mob appeared to be retaliating for smaller-scale attacks by Short Strand youths on Protestant homes the night before. Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson condemned the riot, which came as a separate bomb attack from dissident republicans targeted police in west Belfast early Tuesday.