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    Ana's Stupid Cryptic Mockery Using My Sons' Clothing:The October 11th 2012 Visit


    by AntiCPSMom

    As I review this video it seems as if the hacker hacked this video and put some of the images out of sync with the audio. When I made this video I was careful that the images were perfectly in sync with the audio, however, Ana's hacker friends can hack videos while they are being processed and effect the sync of video and audio, as well as the audio quality. Since they were not able to prevent me from making the video, I guess that the next best thing for these perverts is to sabotage the quality of the video by placing the audio and images out of sync. As I viewed this video, the image of my Medical Billing and Office Administration certificate
    was taken out by the hacker. It should be appearing between 18:30 and 18:40 of this video. I do not know if this problem is visible on other computers, or if this is occurring only on mine because of the hacking. But it seems as if certain images which would have offended sick Ana were taken out , as they are not appearing in the video. I have not been able to put search tags on my videos for like the last month and a half because the hacker prevents me from putting search tags under the videos, perhaps to impede searchability.

    It really has cost me sacrifice to be able to finish this video because of the severe hacking which I experienced. Ana's disturbed hacker friends, in order to protect their satanist friend, did not want me to be able to make this video. My video program was viciously hacked when I was nearing completion of this project, and that was hours ago. I would have finished long ago would it not have been for the hacking.
    The video URLS below accurately illustrate the ordeal that I had to go through.

    Hacking being done on October 16th 2012 To Impede Me From Finishing Video

    Hacking Being Done To Video Program On October 16th Video 2

    Hacker Impeding Me From Accessing Daily Motion Account On October 17th

    Hacker Impeding Me From Uploading Video On October 17th

    How the videos were "processing" for hours (at least on my computer):