Prehistoric Man Ate Pandas

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A Chinese scientist claims that pandas were once thought of as food in prehistoric days.

The much-loved Chinese panda was once a delicacy of Ancient China.

According to Chinese scientist, Wei Guangbiao, evidence has been discovered through fossil analysis that suggests primitive man ‘slashed’ the bears with spears and knives.

In ancient times, it is assumed that our ancestors did not kill animals for sport and would hunt for necessity. This leads scientists and historians to presume panda slayings were for consumption.

Wei has theorized that pandas would have been found high in the Chongqing mountains. The cool and wet forest was lush in bamboo which is a main item of a panda’s diet.

He has also stated that the pandas of prehistoric times would have been much smaller than the loveable bears we adore today and their shy temperament and lumbering gait would have made them easy prey for hunters.

Although today Pandas are an endangered species and figures “show there are 239 Pandas living in captivity” and under 3,000 in the wild, back then, the animal would have been found in abundance.