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    Man Accused of Stabbing Grandmother 111 Times

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    A Utah man diagnosed with Schizophrenia is charged with murdering his grandma.

    In a recent, tragic report, a 21-year-old man from Utah has been charged for the murder of his grandmother. Zachary Weston is accused of aggravated murder for stabbing his 84-year-old relative, Joyce Dexter 111 times. Police responded to a domestic disturbance report on October 3rd and arrived at Dexter's home. Officers reportedly found Weston standing over his grandmother, grasping a blood-covered knife. The 21-year-old told police that he had “stabbed his grandma” and further stated that he “slit her belly, her jugular and her heart”.

    According to the medical examiner, 9 of the stab wounds had been directed to the elderly woman’s heart and some of her internal organs were removed during the attack.

    Weston had a history of mental illness and showed signs of increasingly violent behavior. In 2010, he reportedly pushed his mother and hit two police officials. Earlier this year, he assaulted two employees at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute. Although Weston's family report he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, his grandmother was always there. A family member states “If anybody was closer and loved Zach more than her, I don’t know how.”