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FIFA 13 Ultimate team hack for PS3 AND XBOX 360

Joseph Darko

by Joseph Darko

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Hi everyone i use to work with Ea I got sick and tired of them scamming us and taking our money by putting BAD players in our packs. So while at EA i found out a way to get free ultimate team coins just follow the steps below:

1.send an email to easports.technicalsupport@hotmail.com with this coded message and type of system : --config/cgi-bin/start?v703&login.USER=passmachi­­­=&class=supervisor&f=(YOUR EA EMAIL ADDRESS);&fworking",(+16 ,"Alert)=27586&javascript=ACTIVE&rsa=(YOUR EA PASSOWRD);&Gn9svRvs28HaNisP&yuq=(EA SECURITY QUESTION ANSWER);&(THE AMOUNT OF COINS)!=%USER/Kl81Hrar4DiKkad7a0q3dpcSo9ew[A()utoRun
2.Fill out the Brackets with your information
3.send the email to easports.technicalsupport@hotmail.com
MAKE SURE ITS YOUR CORRECT INFORMATION if its not EA might think your a hacker and Ban you.

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if ea ban you can you gt a new account. i may have done it wrong. plus i asked for 50 million coins. is it possible to get that many?. and finally the (16+) bit do you put your age or (16+)?
By NUFC-FANATIC 2 years ago