Jimmy Joy's St. Anthony Hotel Orchestra - Be Yourself


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James Monte Maloney known as Jimmy or Jimmie Joy (1902-1962) was an American saxophonist, clarinetist, singer and big band leader. His claim to fame was his ability to play two clarinets at the same time. Joy arrived on the University of Texas campus in 1921 where he took over the leadership of a five piece band. While playing at the Joyland Park in Galveston, Texas, park management billed the band as Jimmy's Joys. Because so many people began referring to him as "Jimmy Joy" Maloney adopted it as his professional name. Fellow Texan Smith Ballew, who would also make his own name in the music world of the later 20s and into the 30s, entered the University of Texas in 1922 and was the band's banjo player periodically during this time. Ballew was in the band in February 1923 when it presented a half hour jazz concert over San Antionio station WOAI which was then billed as the "Southern Equipment-Express-Evening News radio-phone station." The newspaper article announcing the broadcast also indicated that the band had just accepted an offer of 40 weeks on the big time vaudeville circuit. The band evolved into one of the favorites in the Midwest, proving to be a fine hotel and ballroom orchestra - Joy played both the sax and clarinet and would sometimes surprise audiences by playing two clarinets simultaneously after the fashion of Wilbur Sweatman. He also sang the blues in a manner reminiscent of another fellow Texan, Jack Teagarden. The band played regularly at top hotels such as the Muehlbach in Kansas City, the Peabody in Memphis, the Baker and Adolphus Hotels in Dallas, and the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio. Joy made occasional trips to the East Coast and was playing at the Casino Gardens in Santa Monica, California in the early forties. As for this hot rendition, it was recorded in 1925.

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Thanks a lot Dave! So glad you liked this selectiion, most appreciated.
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
It sounds acoustical anyway, Lou, I think it was. Really a hot performance indeed isn't it. It was a discovery to me too and I enjoyed this a lot.
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
Thanks a lot Jack. So true, I keep discovering new band every day myself. The 1920s seem to have been an inexhaustible source of talent :-)
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
Thank you Ginny! Very catchy isn't it. I'm delighted you loved the presentation and the liner notes. I can hardly imagine someone playing two wind instruments at the same time. Must have been quite something :-)
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
Enjoyable Video Patrick...excellent images and photo's....Best Regards....Dave
Par David Michael Cullen il y a 2 ans
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