First Kiss by Devin Knight - Magic Trick

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A lady is asked to think of the first person she ever kissed romantically but not to tell you. You take a pad of paper and jot down the numbers 1 through 10. You hand the pad and ink pen to the her and turn your back. You ask her to secretly rate the guy she first kissed on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating. Your participant is to write that persons first name by the number she rated him at. Remember this is done while your back is turned.
While your back is still turned you ask your participant to write random first names by the other 9 numbers. That way you will have no idea who was the first guy she kissed. Once your participant has done so you turn around and take the pad and then turn your back. You read off the 10 names and ask the lady to MENTALLY think I kissed this person when you read that name. You read off the list of names and then say I got a strong mental impression when I said Ken Is Ken the first guy you kissed
YOU THEN OFFER TO REPEAT THE EFFECT You have the lady take the pad and write the the PLACE she got her first kiss then to write other places on the pad. You take the pad and have her think NO as you read off each place. You say you will pick up when she lies about NO in her mind. You read off the list and immediately tell her WHERE she got her first kiss.
You will be correct every time. Extremely baffling if you dont know the subtle secret. Comes with pocket-size notepad ink pen and gimmick. NO sleights or skill. You can do this strolling in a restaurant and repeat the effect over and over from table to table. You are reset by the time you get to the next table. NO ANGLE problems. Used by Devin in his restaurant work for over 7 years. NOTE In this version you use only a single point ink pen that can be examined NO switching of the pen only one pen is used.
Can be done without using the kiss theme. A person can rate anything food movie stars etc. Yet you c