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    Extreme CD Manipulation by Adrian Man (2 DVD set) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Product Description The ultimate secrets on CD manipulation are finally revealed In this Extreme CD Manipulation DVD set the award-winning magician Adrian Man opens his suitcase and is glad to share with all magic lovers his own innovative CD manipulation effects and sleights. The techniques shown in this DVD set illustrate new and advanced features of CD manipulation since the release of Adrians first DVDs on CD manipulation in 2006. All you need to do now is to get a few CDs and you are ready to step into the cutting edge of modern magic
    This 2 DVD set covers
    Disc 1
    Basic Techniques Perfect Palm Perfect production Tenkai Palm Tenkai Production CD Transfer Mini-CD Perfect Production Mini-CD Tenkai Production Mini-CD Transfer Advanced Techniques Part 1 3-CDs Fingertip Production 3-CDs Fingertip Vanish Multi-CD Transposition Multi-3CDs Fingertip Production 4-CDs Fingertip Production 4-CDs Reverse Fingertip Production Mini-CD Fingertip Production Flash Vanish amp Production with 3CDs Split Fan Production Front Split Fan Production Disc2
    Advanced Techniques Part 2Waist Palm and Production CD Acquitment Using Advanced Waist Palm Single CD Transformation CD Transformation Routine Circle Change Mini-CD Multi-color Change Mini-CD Acquitment CD To CD Case Color-changing CD Confetti Change. Routines Routine 1 Routine 2 make your own homemade CD Holder Routine 3 Routine 4 Running Time Approximately 2hrs 15min
    Language English/Cantonese with English subtitle