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    Aldo On Trost Vol. 4 by Aldo Colombini (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    by World Of Magic

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    The great Card Magic of Nick Trost. Nick was a master in creating amazing tricks and routines based on subtleties rather than difficult sleight of hand. Due to the amazing success of the three DVD set we produced and the numerous requests heres another one the fourth in the series. This is a humble tribute to a very creative magician.
    Most of these tricks are impromptu and they all use a regular deck of cards.
    THE GATHERING OF THE COURT CARDS A great nine-card assembly with Jacks Queens and Kings
    THE SLIPPERY ACES The Aces are sandwiched between the two red Jacks. They disappear and reappear between the black Jacks
    TOPSY-TURVY ACES The Aces are inserted in the middle of the deck which is shuffled with some cards face up and some face down. At the end all the cards are face down except the Aces
    DEAL AND DUCK POKER Ten cards are used. The spectator picks five at random. You end up with a Royal Flush
    CARDS AND DICE PREDICTION Two dice and a deck of cards. A card is selected by throwing the dice and the same dice find it
    ELIMINATION A card is chosen and you show the entire deck card by card. The selection is gone It will re-appear face up in the middle of the deck
    THE FIFTH HOTEL MYSTERY Queens and Kings are shuffled in pairs but at the end the Queens are all together and so are the Kings
    M-U-M MIRACLE A spectator THINKS of any card. You reveal it without any clue with a method that will blow them away
    ELEVATOR CARDS The name says it all. The classic elevator theme the Trost way
    TROST ON AL KORANS PREDICTION SUPREME You place three predictions on the table and three spectators pick a card each. The three selections match your predictions
    Running Time Approximately 36 mins