Miracle Signed Card In Envelope (Gimmick and DVD) by Roger Curzon - Magic Trick

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Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
Roger Curzon is one of the UKs real hidden treasures in card magic. A creative mind like no other Roger over the years has blown the minds of fellow magicians time and time again. Roger is a modest man but is well known to those around him as a true master of his art. This is the first release of a series of tutorial DVDs where Roger reveals for the first time the true inner workings of his prized repertoire.
The Main Effect Your spectators are shown a red backed card on full view in a window envelope. They are then asked to pick a card from a blue backed pack which is signed and placed back into the pack. The red backed card is clearly pulled out of the windowed envelope. Your spectators will then be dumbfounded as the red card is turned around and they are shown that the red backed card that has been in view the entire time is THEIR signed card
This DVD comes with everything you need to perform this effect right away. It come ready with all the gimmicks already made up so you dont need to do anything just watch the DVD learn and perform. You get gimmicks also for a non sleight of hand version as well as a sleight of hand version as well as Rogers beautiful Ambitous card routine explained in full
Roger explains different variations of the routine using his famous Curzon Envelope as well as two great bonus routines that dont use the envelope that alone are worth the price of the DVD themselves
Bonus Routines include
Knock Out Prediction Re-Visited
This effect will blow your spectators minds as it did with us when we first saw it You have a red and blue deck on the table. Your spectator choses one and shuffles the cards until they are happy. They turn over the top card and then Roger instantly finds the same card right away with his deck This is stunning
Do As I Do Twist
A Do As I Do routine but with a great twist
You will love the material on this DVD and will want to go out and perform right aw