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    Woman Dies After Allegedly Being Injected With Soup

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    Woman Dies After Allegedly Being Injected With Soup - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Recently, an 88-year-woman, who was initially hospitalized for a stroke, passed away 12 hours after a hospital staffmember allegedly injected her with soup. The elderly woman’s daughter had been in the room and witnessed her mother moving uncomfortably and sticking her tongue out following the injection.

    The medical technician reportedly put soup in the IV accidentally, rather than the feeding tube, where it belonged.

    The hospital does not believe the soup injection caused the death but the woman’s family has filed a lawsuit. An investigation into the exact cause of death has been initiated.

    In 2010, a similar horrific incident occurred. 79-year-old, Richard Smith from South Florida was admitted to a hospital for shortness of breath and indigestion. He was prescribed an antacid, but a nurse allegedly gave him a muscle relaxer by mistake, which is commonly used for lethal injections.

    A little while later, Smith was discovered unresponsive. Doctors were able to revive him, but he never recovered his health and he died several weeks later.