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    Squirrel Cooking Leads to Apartment Fire

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    by Geo Beats

    Squirrel Cooking Leads to Apartment Fire - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    An apartment property in Holland Township, Michigan was destroyed following a resident’s alleged careless actions.

    A fire was ignited after a man, living on the third floor of Clearview Apartments decided to reportedly cook a squirrel for lunch, using a torch to burn off the fur, when his deck caught the flames.

    The fire quickly spread, destroying eight apartments and damaging more than 20 other units.

    While none of the residents were injured during the incident, 32 total apartments were left unlivable, leaving the residents homeless.

    The property management company is investigating the damage costs, while the American Red Cross set up shelter and clothing for the affected apartment dwellers.

    Earlier this year, a DIY job wreaked havoc on a neighborhood. A Kentucky woman poured excessive amounts of alcohol on her couch to kill bed bugs. She accidentally dropped a lit cigarette, igniting the couch. The flames spread throughout her apartment and even neighbors' homes. Fire officials spent hours trying to put out the massive fire. There were no fatalities, but four people were sent to the hospital and about 30 people lost their homes.