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    Contradictions in Our Attitude Towards Animals

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Is it possible to reconcile contradictions surrounding our approach towards animals?

    Do a search on ‘saving ducks’ and you’ll see many videos of people, sometimes risking their lives, to rescue ducks across a highway or in a storm drain.

    An Indianapolis TV anchor jumped into a storm drain to rescue a group of ducklings that had fallen through the grate and were separated from their mother.

    Remember the day you watched an animal rescue video with your colleagues - it's a good feeling to know that the animal survived.

    But then later that same day, it's entirely possible that you dined at the highly recommended steak place or tried a new chicken pasta recipe at home.

    Why do we feel compelled to root for some animals while consume others without hesitation.

    45 million turkeys are raised and killed to adorn our Thanksgiving tables each year.

    According to PETA, 8 billion chickens are consumed in the United States every year, yes that's billion with a B. Many of the suppliers have been shown to inflict abuse on these chickens.

    Hal Herzog, a psychologist and expert on human and animal relations, poses the question, “How rational are we in our relationship with animals? A puppy, after all, is "a family member in Kansas, a pariah in Kenya, and lunch in Korea".

    What do you think explains the hypocricy? Is it simply unavoidable, part of being human or unacceptable in your view?