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    Strippers in Taiwan Dance During Funerals

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    Learn about these strippers who perform during funerals in Taiwan.

    There are several rituals to appease dead spirits.

    Stripping isn’t commonly known as one of those methods, but it’s happening in Taiwan. Decked out in miniskirts, fishnets and tube tubs, two strippers recently danced on uniquely designed stages which are called “electronic flower cars”. Apparently, these trucks are equipped with wheels, lights, and sounds and can be transformed into performance stage during funeral processions.

    One of the female dancers states “I've watched this since I was little so it's nothing peculiar for me. Performing for the dead is just like performing for the living people”.

    The women performed the striptease dance in front of a large crowd consisting of men, women and surprisingly kids too. Once the stage performance was over, one dancer is showing interacting with the crowd, allowing men to touch her was a way to earn tip money.

    The ritual has stirred some controversy. An anthropologist at the University of South Carolina released a documentary on the practice titled: ‘Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan’.

    What do you think about the ritual?