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    Woman Dies Following Blood Transfusion Beauty Treatment

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    Woman Dies Following Blood Transfusion Beauty Treatment - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    A Hong Kong woman has died after undergoing beauty treatment that involved having a blood transfusion. Several other women have also experienced adverse reactions to the treatment, with one of them in critical condition. Reportedly, the woman spent nearly sixty five hundred dollars on blood transfusion. The procedure took place in "DR beauty chain" and was performed by a physician who was not a formal employee of the firm.

    During the procedure the woman experienced septic shock that is usually caused by bacterial infection. The autopsy showed that a superbug was found in her system and in the blood of other women who had undergone the treatment.

    After this tragic incident, Secretary of Food and Health, Ko Wing-man expressed his concern and assured that the government would form a reform committee that would look over the private healthcare facilities.

    However, lawmakers denied funding any such committee saying that "the government should focus more narrowly on enhancing the regulation of beauty clinics, rather than looking at the entire private healthcare system.Otherwise it will mean quite expensive study and collection of data and consultation, which will take a long time".