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    It Rained Raw Chicken in Virginia

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A teenager encounters raw chicken falling from sky during horseback riding.

    We have all heard stories about bizarre objects falling from sky. Now you can add another - raw chicken.

    That's right - while a Virginia teenager was horseback riding, she was rudely interrupted by descending raw chicken pieces. Bernard was luckily uninjured as she was wearing a helmet.

    A Tyson Foods plant is located nearby, but officials deny the chicken pieces originated from there. An avian expert believes that a flying seagull is likely the chicken dropping culprit. An official at The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality ensured that they would launch an investigation to look into this bizarre incident.

    Earlier this year, New Jersey residents were left horrified as birds fell from the sky. Millville locals watched as dozens of small black birds with red-tipped wings fell from the sky for approximately 60 minutes. The aftermath of the incident left roughly 80 dead birds in a small neighborhood, covering the streets in blood.