it's Oh! MUSIC Video News Vol.8 October 2012

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it's Oh! MUSIC
Miyazaki City Sightseeing Spot:Ikime no Mori Sports Complex
*The Narcotic Daffodils
-Album "The Narcotic Daffodils" Amazon MP3 store
-Digital Booklet
"Claire Obscure"
Words & music by Armelle LC, arrangement, production and recording by Squonk66
-Youtube Channel
*Gilles Snowcat
-Album"Moko Moko Collection" Amazon MP3 store

-Digital Booklet

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Hi! and thank you for broadcasting my song 'Claire Obscure' in your October video...Please note that it was written by myself and not by my great friend the singer/songwriter and composer Squonk66, although he recorded the song, took a major part in the production and contributed to the arrangement...Best wishes! Armelle LC.
ユーザー名 ArmelleLC 2 年前