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    Godzilla (1984) - Dub Comparison


    by TheH-Man

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    Comparing Toho's international version, THE RETURN OF GODZILLA, to New World's American version, GODZILLA 1985.

    Toho's international dub for GODZILLA is one of two that has never been released in America (the other being GODZILLA 2000 MILLENNIUM, which has never been released anywhere in the world). In 1998, Carlton Video released THE RETURN OF GODZILLA on video in the UK.

    New World Pictures released their version, GODZILLA 1985, in August of that year. They re-dubbed many scenes (and removed quite a few as well to make room for new scenes with Raymond Burr, reprising his role from GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS! [1956]).