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    PaniniKeypad Malayalam Keyboard typing software application


    by srinvas

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    Typing in Malayalam never been easy on phone. The new invention named PaniniKeypad allows users to type in Malayalam on phone quite fast, easy & in an intelligent manner.
    PaniniKeypad is based on linguistic and follow intelligent predictive texting, while you are typing. Every time when you press a key, this will automatically, predicts the next character under your thumb.
    which makes your typing as a happier experience. ! you will discover the joy of typing in Malayalam on your phones.

    Typing kootaksharam in Panini is also quite easy.
    Put a consonant, then put chandrakala character(always in RED color), then as you type a consonant, this will automatically form a koottaksharam.

    ജ്ഞാനം = ജ+്+ഞ+ാ+ന+ം
    വിദ്യ = വ+ി+ദ+്+യ
    കാര്യം= ക+ാ+ര+്+യ+ം
    പാത്രം = പ+ാ+ത+്+ര+ം
    For more detailed help in typing visit support page of PaniniKeypad website.

    Malayalam PaniniKeypad software available for java, android, iPhone & PC.
    Free downloads:
    Java: , Mobile9, Nokia Ovi, Getjar, Appia, Mobilerated, Mobango, Phoload etc.

    Android:, Google Play, Samsung apps. Appia, Zedge, mediafire etc.


    Connect with Malayalam PaniniKeypad:

    Download & start typing in Malayalam on phones.
    you can use PaniniKeypad Malayalam as to type sms, messages, blog, chat, email, search, save contact book, update status in facebook, twitter, jokes, lyrics, save reminders, greetings, sandesh, and many other things to explore.

    Follow PaniniKeypad forum posts to know more.