Problems with Darwinian theory of Evolution, Frog to Prince

Robert Brownell

by Robert Brownell


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"Can't creat new information". When those so called 5 Doctors/Professors saud it they certainly think about a cat having kittens with tenclacles would be a new information.
But if you are like me and dont believe in chimera. You have maybe understand that new infomation is juste a variation of the old one.
Let's take an exemple... the whole wold became cold and human lost technologie... so only hairy man and woman with big nose survive. And only the hairy big noise children and grand children etc survive. Soon human have bigger nose the the first big noise human and more hair. Then earth get warmer... but all humanity still have hair and big nose. And those with smaller noise survive better in warm environement. So those with the biggest nose died. And nose got smaller with génération etc etc.
So no tantacles but during a cold periode of 10 thousand years human became not human at all. They are dogs for wolfs.
By sandro263 years ago