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    Classic L337 Podcast Episode 80 - Battle for dota Song for Yoda


    by ClassicL337

    Disclaimer: This is an audio podcast without video for your listening enjoyment!

    This week Scott, Vognasty, and Gooch talk about all sorts of things from funny copyright issues, a possible revolution physical games alive, and some funny stories from the week. As usual we great music (we're looking at you Star Wars fans), talk about this week's news, highlight the channel and preview some new retro and hint at new original content. Thanks to British Steel for writing in again!
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    Episode 80 mp3

    DOTA vs Dota

    Taiwanese man dies playing games
    Gametrailers Pop Fiction

    Gametrailers Halo Retrospective:

    Old Game Reviewer Tweeted about Separable Subsurface Scattering

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    Music (written permission granted):

    Jukebox Break: Richie Branson -- Skywalkn'
    Download The Cold Republic Mixtape here (It's FREE):

    Greenleo -- The Heroes