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    Got E-Waste? Throw it on this Million Pound Pile.

    3BL Media

    by 3BL Media

    Got E-Waste? Throw it on this Million Pound Pile.

    Here’s a bit of good green news: At a Verizon Recycling Rally today West Chester, Pennsylvania, we surpassed our goal of collecting 1 million pounds of e-waste since we started the rallies in 2009.

    The disposal of old electronic devices is a growing environmental problem. This recent infographic from Holy Kaw! details the extent of the e-waste problem in America, which includes more than 1 million tons of discarded TVs in one year.

    To help keep these electronics out of landfills, Verizon’s Green Team has been holding a series of public recycling rallies around the country since 2009. Today in West Chester, our employees helped stack up the e-waste brought in by local community members, including more than 100 dated TVs from a local school -- all of which will be recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound way.

    How much is 1 million pounds? More than the International Space Station weighs, which is the size of a