Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Stratos Live Jump (Replay)


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bb-u.de/gQ3a ---> see it right here
Par Learnedimbecile582 Lundi dernier
If astronaut from Columbia have quit the space shuttle that way.... i am curious to know if that jump was in part to find out if it was possible to bring the navet to the same place in the sphere to jump and save them all
Par stef allar En janvier
un point blanc sur un fond gris, j'ai l'impression de voir une partie de pong qui bugge
Par Dslei Fianre Il y a 3 ans
nr 1!
Par ALEX22THEBEST Il y a 3 ans
@ablodo : when you rise up in the atmosphere the air density lowers, and the lower the density, the slower travels the sound. So you need less speed to break the sound barrier.I don't know if i made it clear, i'm french and physics are kinda hard to explain in english ;)
Par MrKouskous Il y a 3 ans
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