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    Blood On The Tricks by Roger Curzon (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    by World Of Magic

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    Roger Curzon is one of the UKs real hidden treasures in card magic. A creative mind like no other Roger over the years has blown the minds of fellow magicians time and time again. Roger is a modest man but is well known to those around him as a true master of his art. This is the first volume of a series of tutorial DVDs where Roger reveals for the first time the true inner workings of his prized repertoire.
    Blood on the Tricks was originally a book. Volume One includes performances and clear explanations of wonderful effects that Roger has developed throughout his career. Along with Rogers original material there is also his own take on some of the classics from past masters of magic Roger has spent his life developing and mastering these routines and they are all explained here to make it easy for you
    This DVD aswell as Rogers Miracle Signed Card in Envelope was an instant hit at this years Blackpool Magic Convention 2011.
    You will learn
    Cutting the Kings
    A remarkable way of cutting to the kings when the cards are thoroughly shuffled in a topsy-turvey fashion some face up and some face down with a triple surprise finish
    Rise Rise Rise
    This trick is worth the price of the DVD alone and was a hit at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2011 it fooled every magician that watched us demo it A chosen card is placed in the deck and a coin is signed and placed on a face up deck on an indifferent card. The deck is covered by the hands for a split second and instantly the card underneath the coin changes to the selected card. This also has a surpise finish
    Curzons Convincing Control
    A really useful and clever way to control a card to the bottom of the deck while convincing the spectator that it has definitely gone in the center as they push the card in themselves
    Surprise Aces
    A super routine whereby a chosen card multiplys itself four times and then all four cards instantly change to the four aces
    Variations Variant