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    Jump by Frank Zheng and RSVP (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Welcome to this superb new DVD from Frank Zheng. We are rsvp are extremely lucky to have been able to capture this magic on DVD as Frank is from Shanghai China and managing to get this project shot was probably our hardest ever task
    The DVD features seven routines including the amazing Balloon Burst effect that everyone is talking about. Imagine borrow any balloon and then burst it without touching it (your hands can be examined before and after the effect). This is bound to be used by working magicians everywhere. Also featured are some stunning routines using both coins and cards again material that Frank uses every night in his professional work.
    Yet again another magician that we at rsvpmagic are proud to bring to your attention as this DVD features magic that you WILL use
    Contents Include
    This is the effect that everyone is talking about. The perfect routine that gets attention from everyone in the room. Imagine asking the spectator to choose ANY balloon which can then be examined. The balloon is blown up and held by the spectator. The magician now asks that they check hsi hands dont have sharp objects or chemicals concealed anywhere. This is confirmed. The magician now moves his hands slowly towards the balloon and without touching it the balloon bursts in the spectators hands This is a brilliant idea that uses a gimmick already in most magicians arsenals. Best of all it re-sets almost instantly Worth the price of the DVD alone and something that you will use all the time.
    Franks mainstay coin routine that builds and builds to a superb 3-fly piece that will leave your audiences stunned. Uses a gaff coin made by Todd Laser but sections can be learnt using just a regular coin if you wish.
    Franks handling of the birthday card packet trick. A brilliant routine using just four cards and one very strong emotional hook
    Using your bare hands