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    Redemption (DVD and Gimmick) Blue by Chris Ballinger - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The Effects
    Use Redemption for visual vanishes restorations and changes or as a secret switching device. Youll be miles ahead of your audience before they even realize that something has happened.
    Redemption A signed card is torn up and the pieces are placed in the spectators open hand. The torn pieces and signature are seen until the last second when they unexpectedly vanish from the spectators hand You turn over the top card of the deck and find that it is the signed and restored selection.
    Fuse Redemption
    A selected card is torn into quarters and held in your open hand. After a magical wave of your hand the pieces are unfolded to show that they are no longer torn up but fused together.
    Covered Redemption
    A selected and signed card is torn up and covered by a single indifferent card. When the card is lifted by the spectator they see that the pieces have vanished. Then they turn over the indifferent card to find that it has changed into the selection and is fully restored.
    No-Sleights Redemption
    Perform Redemption without any sleight of hand. Its easy fun and youll fool yourself.
    Contained Redemption
    A selected card is torn up and handed to the spectator to protect. Even under these impossible conditions the selection repairs itself
    Torn Prediction
    You reveal the wrong card when trying to locate a selection out of frustration you tear the wrong card up. Wave the deck over the pieces and they transform into the torn up selection.
    Dollar Redemption
    A borrowed bill is smashed into the deck vanishes and is found in the center right next to the lost selection.
    Double Redemption (AKA Zoom-Pow)
    A selected card is torn into quarters and covered with a face-up indifferent card. The pieces vanish and upon examining the indifferent card they find the selection printed on its back.
    Flash Redemption
    A selected card is torn into quarters its covered by the deck and instantly becomes fully rest