Magic Kit ( with 75 tricks) by Uday - Magic Trick

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75 Amazing Magic Tricks
Professional Magic Tricks Made Easy. Become a Magician Overnight. Perform mind blowing magic for more than two hours. Entertain at birthday parties family get togethers friends circles schools etc. and become the STAR of the event.KIT ITEMS
Ball amp Vase
Key Puzzle
Obedient Ball
Number Vision
Cups amp Sponges
Star Paddle
Police Pencil
Rising Pencil
Rubber Pencil
Vanishing Knot
One Hand Knot
Knot Thru Loop
Pyramid Puzzle
Rope Escape
Acrobatic Cards
Age Finding Cards
Multiplying Balls
Only 2 Cards Match
Wand Thru Body
Jumping Thimble
Antigravity Pencil
Pencil Levitation
Predicta Color Pencil
Multiplying Thimble
Swallowing Thimble
Thimble Thru Hanky
Coin Vanishing Pedestal
Unequal Equal Ropes
Thimble Vanish amp Produce
Thumb Tip Tips
Card Stand
Coin Vanish
Color Changing Silk
Cut amp Restore Rope
Cut amp Restore Match Stick
Cut amp Restore Tape
Salt Vanish amp Produce
Silk Production
Vanishing Pepper
Silk Vanish
Also includes Indian Magic Star Uday Jadugars Teaching DVDs
Tricks Youll Learn Using Your Own Props
Afghan Bands
All Queen Magic
Animated Egg
Bending Spoon Illusion
Black Magic
Bottle Levitation
Card Prediction
Coin Production
Coin Thru Table
Coin Vanish
Coin Vanish Thru Elbow
Coin Thru Hand
Cut amp Restore Thread
Cut-No Cut String
Face Off
Ghost Match Box
Glass Thru Table
Jumping Rubber Band
King to Joker
Match Box Paddle
Mind Reading
Minty Escape
Mobile Vanish
Multiplying Coins
Needle Thru Balloon
Number 5 Card
Pen Vanish
Predicta Number
Pulse Stop
Small Coin to Big Coin
Stick No Stick
Straw amp Thread
Topsy Turvy Currency
Traveling Coins
Unbreakable Match Stick