Statistics on Electromagnetic Radiation and Health Risks (Radiation Meters)

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*Thirty three of thirty five international research studies, (including one from the Swedish National Institute of Working Life) on EM radiation made a conclusive link between brain tumors and leukemia and electromagnetic stress.

*One study showed that workers with high exposure to magnetic fields had more than twice the risk of brain cancer than workers who were exposed to less, according to the Environmental Protection Agency Director of Analysis and Support, Martin Halper.

*Workers being exposed to moderate or high electromagnetic radiation were three to four times more likely to develop degenerative brain disease, such as Alzheimer's disease, as those who did not work around strong electromagnetic fields.

*It is proven that low level EM radiation such as that found in cell phones does cause DNA breakdown in the brains of experimental animals according to a publication in the Biochemical Journal. This concludes that the same effects may happen in humans as well.

*Women who are exposed to stronger electromagnetic radiation are at a greater risk of having miscarriages than women who stay clear of this radiation, according to the Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington.

* According to the law firm of Spiegel & McDiarmid, which represents public agencies and local governments in the energy, environmental, communications, insurance, and transportation fields, more and more people who live close to high voltage power lines are developing life-threatening illnesses, or have even died. Many people are suing their local power companies, claiming that the companies had information on the harmful effects of radiation and electromagnetic fields for years but have deliberately avoided telling their customers.