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    Mount Hood Tragedies


    by CindyPDX

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    I see St Helens every day when I drive north. I also saw her erupt back in May 1980. St Helens tried to do a small show of it again on Dec 19, 2006.

    But my attention and mood changed immediately as I headed East and Mount Hood came into view. The latest sad news of the 3 men stranded up there: One has been found dead, the other two may not be found now until spring. (some are never found up there that go missing)

    This particular video reports of the other past tragedies I remember quite well. I knew the father of one of the students that died up there on Mt. Hood back in May 1986.

    Mount Hood is beautiful, but she can be quite deadly especially when coupled with one of those unpredictable storms.

    You can also watch this video from link below (not sure how long it will stay available)

    See also a slideshow here called-
    Mt Hood: December 2006 Tragedy

    Or a musical flash video of various images of the news, webcams, Mount Hood related found here (takes a while to load):

    A CBS Interview with Karen James, widow of Kelly James done on 12/21/2006 from links below :

    The short but different version that aired on TV found here:

    The long version that did NOT air on TV found here: