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    MineCraft Home Update #9 [Mob Farm + SAVE!]


    by HoboinArmy

    You wanted it, you waited, here it is! A high output mob farm and a savefile to go with it!

    I have been working on a strip mine because I haven't had any large project in terms of gathering a significant amount of resources, most just cave roaming up until now, and originally I planned to glass it up. But it looked ugly as hell so I was looking for something to use the hole for. First thing that came to my mind was a mob grinder because some of you guys suggested it to me. I had no idea where to start or how to go about it, so I read up on the forums and the youtube and eventually found a popular design that had high output.

    I built the levels and grinder with the massive amount of cobblestone I had acquired, and burned the rest of it. I only did 14 levels because that's all I could fit in the hole, it can go higher but its not worth it since the Beta 1.2 update Notch adjusted the spawning science and its not as high as output as it normally would be. And to go above ground would just be an ugly cobblestone square. Made my own improvements to the water delivery system, make everything non-adminium smooth stone, and I was done!

    Now I finally have a way to get gun powder. Now due to recent drama on the MC forums, I can only assume that some of you think a mob farm is an exploit, if you think that way, download the save anyways. I got spawner traps for every single mob material (except Sulfur) that is "exploit" free. If you want to see in the spawning rooms, dig upwards of the "Axis of Evil", and mess around if you want to recreate it or improve it.

    If requested enough, I will do a tutorial on the hidden water elevator. And you might notice some differences to the house, that will be explained in the next update.

    Get the Save File here!
    - RAR File :
    - ZIP File :
    - RAR Alternate Host:
    - ZIP Alternate Host:

    This is the fourth version of my save, older ones are included in these updates:
    Home Update #1 :
    Home Update #3 :
    Home Update #6 :

    Next Upload will be included with Home Update #12!