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Xtension (DVD and Gimmick) by Alexander Kolle - Magic Trick

5 years ago288 views

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The creator of that through-the-roof sensation The Hawk has agreed to reveal another of his legendary high-flying astonishments
You stick a single sticky note onto a card or card case...scribble something on the sticky note...and the scribble INSTANTLY AND VISIBLY transforms into a spectators name...or the name of a card...or ANY prepared image that you like The stunned spectator immediately peels off and examines the transformed sticky note. And yes they can even wear it as a magical name tag.
You can also TEAR UP the sticky note stick the pieces onto the card or case and the torn pieces visibly and instantly restore And yes your spectator can always peel off examine and keep the transformed sticky note.
And for a through-the-roof X-Tension bonus Alex teaches how to make his incredible POPCORN CARDS. You cut the deck into four face-down stacks...wait a few seconds...and WITHOUT TOUCHING suddenly pop off the packets like popcorn leap into the air flip over face up then land back onto the packets to produce four face-up Kings or Jacks Its all almost too much to believe. Just watch the demo and make your plans to perform the worlds first fully automated four-of-a kind finale
Comes complete with pad of sticky notes sticky note gimmick supplies to make your own and supplies to make POPCORN CARDS (complete POPCORN CARD gimmicks are available from your favorite dealer).