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    Redonkulous by Anthony Lindan (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Every single time I have a chance to perform stand-up magic I present REDONKULOUS. Audiences have responded to REDONKULOUS as THE strongest piece of magic that Ive ever performed. It is the show stopping effect that everyone talks about after my show. Im truly excited to share this dynamic piece of mystery with magic community.
    Anthony Lindan
    The REDONKULOUS Routine
    Before the show begins a spectator is asked to merely think of any word from either side of a large broadsheet from the local daily newspaper. She has a free choice of literally hundreds or possibly thousands of words. After mentally selecting a word the performer seals the newspaper in an envelope and the spectator takes it with her back to her seat. During the show the performer asks for the envelope from the spectator tears it open and removes the newspaper. The performer explains that the spectator is concentrating on a word from somewhere on the paper and it will be the audiences job to find that very word. As impossible as it may seem. Tearing the newspaper into two pieces the performer asks a random audience member to choose either half to discard. The choice is made and the performer tears the remaining piece in half and asks another audience member to select a half to discard. The selection is made and the performer again tears the remaining piece in half asking an audience member to select either half to toss away yet again. Left with a piece about four inches square the performer calls on a final helper from the audience to join him on stage. This spectator is asked to close his eyes and raise a finger and to drop it somewhere on the piece of paper. The spectator does this and is asked to open his eyes and without saying a thing to remember the word that he pointed to. The spectator is then handed a white board and marking pen and asked to write the word in big bold letters on the board and keep it concealed from the audiences view. While