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    Sakura karano Tegami episode 5-7 eng sub


    by Gozua

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    Don't know how Sae can flick off Mayu suddenly and expect her to not care.
    By OshimaYukoLast year
    Ashleigh Park
    if that dude chooses to go out with mayu, he's basically cheating on sae!!! xc
    By Ashleigh ParkLast year
    Ashleigh Park
    wow mayu ..... why dont u realise youre being too clingy xD but sae shouldve been honest xPP aand mayu asking that guy out at the end is going too far!
    By Ashleigh ParkLast year
    Sae! how dare you make Mayu cry!? but Mayu woah... jealousy? did u really have to do that? @.@
    By FlameHazeKatsu3 years ago
    Alexandre Séguin
    when mayuyu was crying i wanted to hug the crap out of her
    By Alexandre Séguin3 years ago
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