Headmaster Gaariki - A Telugu short film by Jagadeesh KV

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"Children are the world's future and education is their future. Let us help them to get an education."
Hi everyone,
This is my first short film. With no resources at all to make a short film, I chose this style of narration. It is about an young man writing a letter to his school headmaster about the experiences life.
Hope you all will like it and please do share it with your friends.
I would love to hear your thoughts on it, so please don't forget to comment.

1 comment

very strong content ////......but nooo strength in narration of story /.........it looks like just reading script >>>>>>... feel in tone is needed ///.... alot to improve in back ground score >>>>>>>
But over all can rate it as avg >>>
By Medishetty BalaKrishna last year