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    How to Cook Chocolate Waffle Salami

    Michael Daher

    by Michael Daher

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    This episode shows you how to make a dessert like no other. Soft waffle wafer log, filled with Chocolate, dates, walnuts, dried figs, glazed cherries and is a delicious coffee companion.

    The ingredients:

    5 Waffle Sheets
    ½ kilograms Unsalted Butter
    150 Grams Dark cooking chocolate
    150 Grams Pitted Dates
    150 Grams Dried Figs
    100 Grams Glazed Cherries
    2 Packets Sponge Fingers
    ½ kilograms Crushed Walnuts
    1 Cup Sugar
    10 Eggs (Room Temperature)
    350 Grams Sultanas
    10 Tea towels
    ½ Cups Icing sugar
    1 Lemon Rind
    2 Tablespoons Vanilla Essence
    1 Cup Desiccated Coconut (optional)

    The desiccated coconut is only used to make choc truffle balls if you have spare filling left over. Roll the left over mixture into small truffle size balls and roll them around in the coconut. It's also a great dessert! You don't need to freeze the truffle balls, just keep them in the fridge.

    Edited by Michel Daher (Micho) @ WalaoehTV