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    Bridge in UK Leaves Pedestrians Confused

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A bridge resurfacing confuses residents of this UK town.

    Ever wonder who came up with the road signs in your neck of the woods?

    Well, residents in Stevenage, UK are definitely scratching their heads.

    A bridge that has newly been resurfaced for pedestrians and cyclists in their town is an intriguing sight. The lane dedicated to bicycles is massive while the two lanes on each edge that many residents initially assumed to be for pedestrians are far too narrow. Those crossing the bridge have been uncomfortably obeying the lines, but some residents have been vocal about the new pavement markings.

    A spokesperson for the town insists that the lines are correct, within guidelines and standards. Surprisingly, as it turns out, residents misinterpreted the lines. A council member states “The lines are not intended to form pedestrian lanes, nor pedestrian exclusion zones. They are guidance for cyclists. Pedestrians are free to walk wherever they like.”

    Have you ever come across any confusing road markings?