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    Roswell Man Fights With Stop Sign

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    Check out this story of a man fighting with a stop sign.

    We all have our way of dealing with anger.

    A man from Roswell, New Mexico allegedly picked a fight with a traffic sign. Law enforcement officers were dispatched to an intersection after someone reported an altercation involving a male and a stop sign. Police found Raymond Garcia, a 45-year-old male, but he tried to run from officers. Garcia was tasered, but amazingly it didn’t seem to affect him and he kicked police officials. He was tastered again, but he pulled the darts out and then yanked a baton away from an officer. Garcia was pepper sprayed, but he simply wiped his face and kept on running. Officers eventually caught him and arrested him.

    Earlier this year, a similar incident occurred. Port Moody police were called after a witness saw a male dancing, speaking and fighting with a mailbox. Officials arrived, and believing the youth was high, tried to arrest him, needing three officers to control him. The teenager was hospitalized and released without legal repercussions.