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    Life-Size Mousetrap Can Crush Cars

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A mousetrap unlike any other.

    Most people have played the classic game Mousetrap as a kid.

    Well one man has created a massive machine dubbed Mark Perez’ Life Sized Mousetrap.

    Perez takes his invention on the road to museums and festivals in the United States. His website states “The world’s largest Mousetrap board game uses the tools of wonder and excitement to plant the seeds of curiosity with a 25 ton Rube Goldberg machine!” The machine is described as “science inspired art” and “engineering artistry”, utilizing physics in its performance. The contraption took Perez 13 years to complete. It partially consists of an old-fashioned bathtub, a crane and crooked stairs.

    During its show, viewers watch as a large wheel is turned which causes bowling balls to be tossed in the air and eventually catapulted into the bathtub. Also a crane lifts a safe, weighing two tons. The safe is lifted 30 feet in the air and dropped onto a vehicle, essentially crushing it upon impact.