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    Heli-Max Axe 100 CP Flybarless Electric Helis


    by HobbicoInc

    Compact and powerful, the Axe 100 CP (Collective Pitch) heli offers intermediates two easy ways to enjoy versatile aerobatic performance indoors or out. The RTF (Ready-to-Fly) and Tx-R (Transmitter-Ready) versions are assembled, with many of the same performance features and conveniences. The first is a simple, durable flybarless rotor head, which offers greater efficiency, easier control and a wide performance range. Onboard equipment includes TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization), which stabilizes the heli on three axes and prevents outside forces from affecting performance. Like all other onboard equipment — including a motor, ESC, digital servos
    and SLT receiver — it’s factory-installed for convenience. Both models also include an AC charger and two 200mAh LiPo batteries for non-stop flying action. The RTF also includes a 6-channel, 2.4GHz computer radio with 10-model memory, a 5-point pitch curve and digital trims. The advantage of the Tx-R is more options. You can fly it with your current heli radio and the AnyLink or with a new SLT heli radio — and either way, you also get a bonus: the ability to fly all other Tx-R aircraft, too.

    Learn more about the Heli-Max Axe 100 CP by visiting its product page at:

    HMXE0820 -- RTF
    HMXE0821 – Tx-R
    Rotor Diameter: 9.5 in (241 mm)
    RTF Weight: 1.6 oz (46 g)
    Length: 9.5 in (241 mm)

    RTF requires: Nothing!
    Tx-R requires: AnyLink and compatible 6-channel heli transmitter or 6-channel heli transmitter with SLT

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