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    Egypt Reopens Khefren Pyramid and Six Tombs


    by IBTimes


    Egypt's second largest pyramid and several ornate ancient tombs have been reopened to visitors for the first time in three years today following a painstaking restoration process.

    Egypt's antiquities authorities held a news conference near the 4th Dynasty Khefren pyramid, distinctive for its limestone cap.

    Egypt's tourism industry, a major source of income, has been hard hit by instability that has wracked the country in the aftermath of the uprising that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.

    Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said today that the opening of the restored sites should demonstrate to the world that Egypt is a safe destination for tourists.

    Ibrahim said that a number of important sites were being unveiled to the public at long last.

    The Minister also said that the long-standing threat to antiquities sites on the Giza plateau had finally been resolved.

    The tomb now features new lighting and information signs as well as a wood panelling to protect the original tomb floor. The restoration of the tombs also included newly paved walkways as well as lighting to illuminate the tombs after dark.

    Egypt's antiquities authorities are hoping that the new coat of polish given to just a few of the ancient wonders of the Giza plateau will go some way towards bringing back the tourists so vital to Egypt's put-upon economy.