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    Enric Madriguera & His Orchestra - It Never Dawned On Me


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    Enric Madriguera (Barcelona, Spain, 1904 – Danbury, Connecticut, USA, 1973 or 1975 according to different sources) was a violinist, composer and bandleader of Spanish origin who was playing concerts before he studied at the Barcelona Conservatory. Whilst still in his twenties he was lead violinist at Boston's and Symphony orchestras before becoming the conductor of the Cuban Philharmonic. In the 1940s he was recording Latin American, in a period when Latin jazz became very popular, with other Latin bands like those of Xavier Cugat and Alberto Socarrás. It was said that the ambassadors from all the South American countries declared Madriguera to be the "Ambassador of Music to all the Americas". Successful radio broadcasts of his performances soon led to record deals; Madriguera recorded for Columbia, Victor, Brunswick, Majestic and Decca. In the 1930s and 40s he toured nationwide in theaters and hotels. His orchestra hired singer and percussionist Tito Rodríguez, as well as vocalist Patricia Gilmore, who was to become Madrigueras wife. Madriguera appeared in a number of "musical shorts" including "Enric Madriguera and his Orchestra" in 1946 where he performed a number of songs including the orchestra for Patricia Gilmore. A review of one of his appearances recorded how he "reflected the warmth of our neighbors to the south". Madriguera's best known composition probably is "Adiós" (1941), with lyrics by Eddie Woods, it would also be performed by Glenn Miller and Tete Montoliu, among others. This wonderful record was made in 1935. Vocal by Tony Sacco and violin solos by Enric Madriguera.