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    3D Mapping on a transparent Jaguar car Full HD - Night Sequence


    par LaScop

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    This is the presentation of the Jaguar tour event in China created by Auditoire China. The 3d Mapping and the show automation is made by La Scop.

    Project Name: Jaguar MY13 -- 从容·驭世 - 2013款全新捷豹ALIVE智能科技巡
    Creative Agency: Auditoire
    Client: Jaguar JLR - China

    Managing Director: Antoine Gouin
    Project manager: Jonathan Derain
    Operation Director: Charles Trigueros
    Production Manager: Christopher Kao
    Creative Director: Michael Chen / Charles Chen
    Video Art Director : Naelle Picot - La Scop
    Scenographer: Robin Rawstorne
    Light Designer: Angus Muir
    Video Technical Director: Gael Picquet - La Scop
    Show control Programming: Julien Ribes - La Scop
    Video programming: Florence Pournot - La Scop
    Sound Design : Terry Laird - La Scop