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    Manhattan ATMs Dispensed Fake Bills

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    ATMs in New York City dispensed fake bills.

    To thieves, ATM’s are basically the equivalent of a jackpot outside of a casino.

    Two Chase bank customers in New York City were shocked to discover that some of their bills were counterfeit. Apparently several Chase ATM’s reported this problem. A bank official stated “The ATMs caught nearly all of the fake bills. The small number of customers who received them were made whole immediately.”

    ATM’s are specifically designed to be able to detect counterfeit bills.

    The fake bills were reportedly made of regular paper and were blank on one side. Approximately $110,000 was taken from the ATMs and police are investigating a 26-year-old male, who works for the corporation that services the machines.

    Earlier this year, several thieves went to an extreme measure to get money from an ATM. They came with a pickup truck, smashed the wall of a convenience store and drove away with a dragging ATM. This happened at a quick saver in Houston, Texas. According to the store owner, the ATM had about $2000.