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    Adorable 234-Pound Baby Walrus Moving to NYC

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A baby walrus is going to New York Aquarium.

    Would you consider a 15 week old baby, weighing 234 pounds adorable? You probably would if that baby is a walrus.

    The baby walrus calf is en route to New York City to become acquainted with his new home, the New York Aquarium. Nicknamed, Mit, the walrus is being shipped in a crate on a FedEx cargo plane along with a handler and veterinarian.

    Mit couldn’t come at a better time. An official for the aquarium states “Our elderly walrus could pass away and that would leave us in a pickle because we really wouldn’t want to have a solitary animal.”

    Mit was originally discovered by a hunting vessel underfed and stranded in freezing waters. The baby walrus was taken to Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward where he began a slow recovery. Now, fully recovered, his journey begins. Next year, he is slated to premiere as an exhibit at the aquarium. An aquarium official states - “he is small, but scrappy — the perfect New Yorker.”