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    European People's Party Congress - Bucharest 2012 - saving President Basescu


    by dm_5077ce0ff003a

    European People's Party Congress, on 17-18 October 2012, takes place in Bucharest, Romania.
    EPP has had a major contribution to the invalidation of a Romanian national Referendum, to impeach President Traian Basescu, in July 2012.
    87% of voters have voted against Basescu, but the EPP leaders imposed an artificial 50% presence threshold (officially there was a 47% presence, however the 3 Million Romanian voters who live abroad shouldn't have been included on the permanent lists, but on the additional lists).
    President Basescu asked his voters to boycott the Referendum (how democratic !) and being in control of the Constitutional Court (judges are politically named), he managed to get the Referendum invalidated.
    Here is why Angela Merkel, Jose Manuel Barroso, Viviane Reding, Wilfried Martens, and others who openly supported this illegitimate President should be confrunted !