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    Cine Curry

    by Cine Curry

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    Rush details the life of Sam Grover, an acclaimed TV Reporter.

    Sam's personal life and television talk shows are at the pinnacle of success. Sam's engaged to his girlfriend, Ahana and his show is constantly in the limelight for his expose's on everything from politics to prostitution to the underground activities of Delhi.

    Sam's life takes a 'u' turn when his bosses find his show to be too controversial for primetime TV, not accepting his bosses decision he decides to quit the network.

    Then Sam meets Liza a tall, intelligent, elegant and sexy women in short, everyone's fantasy! Liza offers him a job at an MNC with interest in Internet, cable, wireless etc. owned and run by the dynamic Roger Khanna. A leader in the Asia Pacific region, Roger has its sights set firmly on the Indian market.

    Together with Sam, Roger intends to create a reality news channel which will blow the current competition, completely out of contention. No man can resist the combined offers of money, power, Liza, a BMW and a new penthouse. And neither does Sam.

    This is only the beginning as Sam's charismatic style and the new age viewer dial in technique that his new company comes up with, wherein the public report the crime to the channel.

    The show becomes an instant hit. The channel TRP�s start reaching astronomical heights. Being the first to reach the crime spots, Crime time ensures that it's the first to break the news and is first to reach the crime sight, sometimes even before the cops.

    However, beneath the veneer of glamour, money, power and the enviable life of a media darling that Sam has becomes, lays a truth that is at once unbelievable as it is shocking. Plunging Sam into a vortex of violence in a deadly game of cat and mouse engineered by those he has so plainly trusted.